Congratulations to our
2017 Mahi‘ai Scale-up winners!

First Place Winner - Māla Kalu‘ulu

Team Members:Noa Lincoln and Dana Shapiro
Business Location: Ke‘ei, Hawai‘i

As the 2017 Mahi‘ai Scale-Up grand prize winner, Māla Kalu‘ulu was awarded $20,000 to be used to scale up their existing business. The husband and wife team cultivates ‘ulu (breadfruit) and ‘ōlena (turmeric) and farms via principles developed by Hawaiians applied to contemporary agriculture.

A past Mahi‘ai Match-Up winner, Māla Kaluʻulu’s business concept is to establish Hawai‘i’s first commercial facility for ‘ulu, a traditional Polynesian staple. The goal is to establish and support initial operations of a propagation facility that can supply Hawai‘i’s growing demand for breadfruit. This project will utilize an innovative, low-tech propagation technique to cultivate large numbers of different, desirable ‘ulu varieties, and educate others on the methods used.

People's Choice Winner - Kaunāmano Farm
Team Members: Brandon Lee and Ka‘ikena Scanlan

Business Location: Hilo, Hawai‘i

Kaunāmano Farm received a check for $10,000 as the 2017 Mahi‘ai Scale-Up People’s Choice Award. The winner was determined via a live vote by event attendees.

The past Mahi‘ai Match-Up winner raises Berkshire hogs by using a holistic approach predicated on pasture management and rotational open-air grazing.

Their scaled-up business concept focuses on utilizing current tools and materials to replicate and economize the ancient ahupua‘a system, particularly the way wai (water) plays a key role throughout the ahupua‘a.

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Key Dates

Aug. 1, 2017: Registration Opens
Sept. 1, 2017: Registration & Business Plan Summary Deadline
Sept. 15, 2017: First Round of Finalists Notified
Oct. 2, 2017: Business Plans Deadline
Oct. 25, 2017: Presentation to Judges
Oct. 27, 2017: Finalists Notified
Nov. 1, 2017: Hawai‘i Food & Wine "Raw & Wild In the Tank" Event - Winners Announced

Application Checklist
  • Registration Form
  • Top Copy of Tenant Agreement (ROE, License and Lease)
  • Business Plan Summary
  • Financial Analysis

* Award monies will be distributed in accordance with the completion of their major milestones as identified in the business plan.