Class of 1963 takes the S.M.A.R.T. Approach

S.M.A.R.T., or specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, is a goal setting tool used by businesses to create actionable plans for results. The S.M.A.R.T. approach was key in establishing and growing the class of 1963’s scholarship fund.

The class fund was established back in 2009 when fellow classmates and alumni class representatives, Paulyne Anakalea and Phillip Arnold, noticed the lack of overall alumni participation – less than 2 percent annually. Since then, the fund has been one of the fastest growing to date.  Much of the class’ success has been a combination of solid planning and goal setting that is fueled by a passion to continue Pauahi’s legacy of giving.

“When I first became a class rep, the Foundation only had 12 endowed class scholarships,” said Phillip. “As recipients of Pauahi’s legacy, we all have the kuleana to help other Hawaiians who are not fortunate to attend any of the campuses.” 

Seeing the urgent need, Phillip and Paulyne approached classmate Momi Ho Kometani, and the three of them rallied a dedicated group from their class. The group then worked with Bran-Dee Torres KSK’93, development administrator at the Foundation, to set the framework for their class fund.  The group also learned of the Foundation’s Matching Incentive Program, which is a one-time incentive for qualified donors who need kōkua with reaching the $20,000 threshold necessary to establish a scholarship endowment.

From there, the group established a plan of action and put it in motion, which was second nature to Phillip who was instrumental in guiding the group with his more than 30 years of business management experience in the banking industry.

“To be successful in any endeavor, you need a vision of where you want to be. That vision will only come alive with proper planning and goal setting.” Phillip shared.

The group’s success was also the result of well-coordinated communication campaigns like periodic newsletters, telethons and write-a-thons to reach and engage their classmates on a more personal level. Their hard work netted a 32 percent class participation rate, which equates to 90 out of 283 classmates who made a donation towards their class scholarship fund. 

“It is very impressive to see what the class of 1963 has done so quickly,” said Kalei Stern KSK’89, executive director of Ke Ali‘i Pauahi Foundation. “Their business-savvy and passion for continuing Pauahi’s legacy serves as a model for other classes interested in establishing a class fund.”

The class reached its first goal of $20,000 within five months of establishing their fund. They now have their sights set on reaching their ultimate goals of $50,000 and 50% class participation by their 50th reunion in May 2013. With the S.M.A.R.T. approach, the class of 1963 will reach both goals in no time!   

If you are interested in establishing a class fund, please contact Bran-Dee at 808.534.3966 or