Judging Criteria
Creativity, Innovation and Competitive Advantage (30%)
  • Wow factor! – What is new and exciting about your proposal?
  • How is your project set apart from your competitors?
  • How will you sustain your uniqueness and market advantage?
Ability of Proposal to Address an Agricultural Need in Hawai‘i (20%)
  • Why is your product or service important to the agricultural industry in Hawai‘i?
  • What market is being served by your projected outcomes?
Financial Sustainability (20%)
  • How much capital is required immediately and over time?
  • Where will you obtain your capital?
  • What is your projected cash flow from initiation of the project until you are cash-flow positive?
  • What is your projected investment returns?
Alignment with KS ‘Āina Plan (20%)
  • How well does your project address needs identified in the KS ‘Āina Plan?
  • What are your land stewardship and Best Management Practices (BMPs)?
  • Does your proposal fit with the parcel(s) of land you are currently leasing?
  • Are there any positive/negative effects on surrounding farms?
Team Capabilities (15%)
  • What demonstrated skill set does the team possess?
  • If new to agriculture, how/why do you think you will excel?
  • What is your current organizational structure?
  • What, if any, organizational structure changes will this require?
Educational, Cultural and Community-Capacity Building Integration (10%)
  • Does your proposal include educational components?
  • What are the direct and indirect benefits to the agricultural community and the community-at-large?
Key Dates

Aug. 1, 2017: Registration Opens
Sept. 1, 2017: Registration & Business Plan Summary Deadline
Sept. 15, 2017: First Round of Finalists Notified
Oct. 2, 2017: Business Plans Deadline
Oct. 25, 2017: Presentation to Judges
Oct. 27, 2017: Finalists Notified
Nov. 1, 2017: Hawai‘i Food & Wine "Raw & Wild In the Tank" Event - Winners Announced

Application Checklist
  • Registration Form
  • Top Copy of Tenant Agreement (ROE, License and Lease)
  • Business Plan Summary
  • Financial Analysis

* Award monies will be distributed in accordance with the completion of their major milestones as identified in the business plan.