Congratulations to the 3 organic Mahi‘ai Match-Up winners.
We look forward to partnering with you to create a more sustainable Hawai‘i.

Holoholo General Store1st place: Holoholo General Store
Holoholo General Store, LLC. is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business dedicated to improving the health of communities by making local produce more accessible. There’s a total of four Holoholo team members, Jill Nordby, Jamie Sexton, Elisabeth Beagle and Emily Beagle.

They currently deliver 1,500 pounds of fresh produce every week from over 15 local farms around O‘ahu to 200 regular subscribers at schools and businesses including partner, Kaiser Permanente.

Holoholo General Store will grow organic vegetables – mostly those in the cabbage family such as kale, broccoli rabe, and broccoli alongside specialty fruit trees on the 6-acre Pa‘ala‘a parcel on O‘ahu’s North Shore.
Kaunamano2nd place: Kaunāmano Farms
The Kaunāmano Farms team is comprised of two young farmers and longtime friends, Max Bowman and Brandon Lee. Bowman is a certified organic farmer in Pa‘auilo and Lee is an established restaurateur and business visionary. Their knowledge of the land, along with a deep appreciation for the community and the potential for a sustainable, rural, agricultural-based economy will be the focus of Kaunāmano Farms.

In order to become the leading producer of certified organic Berkshire pork in Hawai‘i, Kaunāmano Farms will be predicated on intensive pasture management, rotational open air grazing, fodder and feed from fruit and vegetables grown on site.

Eventually, Kaunāmano Farms will produce chops, ribs, sausage and hams to be sold as high-quality alternatives to imported pork products.
Mapulehu Farms3rd Place: Mapulehu Farms
Mapulehu Farms is a kama‘aina family owned and operated business based on Moloka‘i. Their team consists of Kekama Helm, Adolph Helm, Kanoho Helm and Ane Bakutis. Mapulehu Farms is dedicated to historic site preservation, while providing healthy organic food to the community and increasing food sustainability and awareness on Moloka‘i and throughout Hawai‘i.

Mapulehu Farms is dedicated to educating the community in organic and Hawaiian-based farming practices. They will establish an educational garden with farm tours so others may learn about organic farming and Hawai‘i’s rich agricultural heritage.
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