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The Kamehameha Schools Strategic Agricultural Plan, completed in 2009, lays a vision and strategy for management and use of over 175,000 acres zoned for agriculture. Through the plan, Kamehameha is committed to increasing market share of locally grown produce, meat and other food products; investing in agricultural support facilities and infrastructure like irrigation systems; restoring and revitalizing traditional agricultural systems like lo‘i, loko i‘a, and dryland field systems; and contributing to a sustainable, clean energy future by supporting projects like solar and wind energy.

The mission of the Pauahi Foundation is to support the mission of Kamehameha Schools by seeking and developing new and diverse sources of income to support the ever-increasing educational needs and goals of people of Hawaiian ancestry.

The Foundation accomplishes its mission in a number of ways including alumni support, endowed scholarships, early childhood education and literacy, charter school support, land stewardship and advancing the Hawaiian language. Participants in this program will also receive mentoring, peer-to-peer review, networking opportunities, business promotion as well as guidance and support from Kamehameha Schools’ land managers.

The Pauahi Foundation seeks partnerships within the community to support agricultural scholarships and grants which seek to grow farmers for Hawaiʻi through post-high support.

Key Dates

Aug. 1, 2017: Registration Opens
Sept. 1, 2017: Registration & Business Plan Summary Deadline
Sept. 15, 2017: First Round of Finalists Notified
Oct. 2, 2017: Business Plans Deadline
Oct. 25, 2017: Presentation to Judges
Oct. 27, 2017: Finalists Notified
Nov. 1, 2017: Hawai‘i Food & Wine "Raw & Wild In the Tank" Event - Winners Announced

Application Checklist
  • Registration Form
  • Top Copy of Tenant Agreement (ROE, License and Lease)
  • Business Plan Summary
  • Financial Analysis

* Award monies will be distributed in accordance with the completion of their major milestones as identified in the business plan.